Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Family Traits - Sepia Saturday

This one of my favourite family photos as I too have two girls followed by twin boys, I have many similar photos of me and my brood.

Nellie Grace Beard
Born 1884 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana
Emigrated to England 1894 with her mother, sister and brother.
Married James Harold Lowe 1914
Died 1976

Edna Lowe 1915

Dorothy Lowe 1918

The two babies are James Eric and George Arthur born 1925 and both died before a year old.

Nellie is my Great Aunt (my grandfathers aunt!)


  1. Awwww, that is very sad that they both died. I am grandmother to twins and I like this photo too.

  2. It must be a great feeling to have a photo like this. Sad that the twins died. One of my brothers and my only sister died in early childhood way before I was born. We have no pictures of them.

  3. A lovely picture. I too am grandmother of twins who are thriving, but my own mother lost twins in 1950. I think there were so many more odds stacked against them in those days.

  4. Such an interesting photo - but so sad.
    ladies of the grove

  5. Unusual to see someone going TO England. So often the research documents I look at show people going FROM England elsewhere.

  6. I was also going to comment that it is unusual to have someone emigrating that direction...certainly not typical.What a wonderful photo though.

  7. It is so sad that the babies died. My grandmother had twin babies that died from the 1918 flu.

  8. I am fascinated with twins which appear in Jerry's family and mine. So many did not survive in that time. This is a wonderful logo as a mother's day photo.

  9. I love the hats that are worn here, I love hats period..wish we would get back in the style of wearing them again.

  10. The picture is so sweet - and haunting with the knowledge that those babies died so young.

  11. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing. So sad about the babies. What happened to Edna and Dorothy?

  12. Sweet but so sad on the babies but I guess it was not that unusual back in those days. I also have infants in my family tree that died at a very early age.

    God Bless

  13. Lovely picture which somehow seems to capture that period in the mid 1920s so well - a period when life was emerging from the somewhat formal, stiff Edwardian and World War 1 world into something very different.

  14. So sad that both twins died young. . . and how fortunate advances have been made in high-risk pregnancy management and neonatal care.