Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fearless Females

 (top row l-r) Caroline Pickup, Polly and Nellie Grace Lowe (nee Beard). 
(bottom row l-r) Dorothy Lowe and Sissy Lowe. 

I'm very sorry its a tiny picture, you will have to squint hard.
I don't have the original just an emailed copy.

But I thought this would be the best photo to start my Fearless Female posts with.

My Great Great Aunt Nellie Grace nee Beard married James Harold Lowe. In the above photo she is sat with Sissy who was James Harold's sister and Polly is Sissys "partner" - very modern! The photo was taken in the 1920's. 

So my Fearless Females are Sissy and Polly.