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Hendry Family Tree

Robert Hendry b.1796 Cambleton, Argyll, Scotland
married 10/05/1821  to Mary Black  b.1801 St Quivox and Newton-on-Ayr, Scotland

Robert Hendry was a Corporal in the Army, he served in the 22nd Foot Regiment between 1813 and 1835. He spent five years in the East Indies and was discharged from the army through illness.He is described as 5'8", brown hair, grey eyes and has a fair complexion. After discharge he lived in the Gorbals in Glasgow,

Children: Robert b.1826, Jean  b.1828, William b.1831, David b.1836, James b.1839, Catherine b.1842

David b.1836 Glasgow, Scotland married 12/06/1857 to Catherine Monaghan b.1837
Catherines parents John Monaghan (deceased by 1837) and Mary Livingstone

Children: David b.1856, Peter Glen b.1861, Frances b.1863, James b.1865 Catherine b.1868, Mary Black b.1871

David b.1865  Glasgow, Scotland died 1912 Manchester, England.
Married Mary Jones 1857 - 1889
Children: Isabella b1878, Fanny and Mary b.1881, David Doak b.1884, Mary Jones b.1887 - d.1888
Second Marriage in 1889, Manchester to Jane Milnes b.1866
Children: Kate b.1894, William b.1897, Nellie b.1900

David Doak born 1884 Manchester, England died 1955 Manchester, England.
Married 24/08/1907 Elizabeth Ann Mercer
Children: Harold b.1911, David b.1914, Lily b.1918, John b.1922

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